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Check your internet/bandwidth speed with our simple Speed Test tool. Our Speed Test tool will show both download and upload speed with just a single click. To proceed with speed test tool please click on “GO” button below:

Once you have clicked on “GO” button our speed test tool will look for nearest server to perform the test. Once the server is found the tool will tell you your approximate download and upload speed which you can match with your bandwidth allocation from your ISP.

What does Speed Test tool tells you?

Latency/Ping: You will get latency or Ping rate of your internet connection in milliseconds. The more higher the ping rate the more delays you may experience in connecting other computers and websites. Latency/Ping rate is very important for online gaming.

Download: Download speed is matters a lot to most of people. It shows how fast you can grab data, music, videos and files from other websites/computers. Such as watching video from youtube.

Upload: It is least important but maybe important for users who are data distributors who upload content to websites a lot. Upload means how efficiently you can transfer data from your computer to websites or other computers on the internet.

Speed Test is not always 100% accurate. Your internet speed maybe affected by number of reasons. Some of reasons includes number of people using the same internet connection and speed of destination server/website.

How to Measure your Internet speed test

One normal motivation to test your Internet speed test is to ensure that you’re getting whatever Mbps or Gpbs level data transfer capacity you’re paying your ISP for. On the off chance that your tests demonstrate a routinely lazy association, your ISP may have an issue and you may have a discount in your future.

Another motivation to test your Internet speed is to ensure you’ll have the capacity to stream high-transfer speed films, similar to those from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and different suppliers. On the off chance that your Internet speed is too moderate, you’ll get uneven video or general buffering.

Free benchmark devices, similar to those famous Internet speed tests and transmission capacity testing cell phone applications, are the two most basic approaches to test your fast Internet however there are others, similar to benefit particular tests, ping and inertness tests, DNS speed tests, and then some.

The following are the three most normal situations for testing Internet speed, every one of which requires an alternate method for testing Internet speed:

You presume that your ISP or remote supplier isn’t giving you the data transfer capacity you’re paying for, either deliberately or in light of the fact that something isn’t right.

You’re extremely upbeat (or exceptionally tragic) with the condition of your rapid Internet and you need to inform the world regarding it!

You need to check the Internet speed between your gadget and an administration you’re paying for, as Netflix, HBO GO, and so forth.

Simply look down until the point when you discover the area that you’re after. Picking the correct method to test your Internet speed is the in the first place, and least demanding, advance to ensure the outcomes are as exact as could be expected under the circumstances.

Test Your Internet Speed When It Goes Slow

Are most website pages taking always to stack? Are those feline recordings buffering so much that you can’t appreciate them? Provided that this is true, particularly if this is new conduct, at that point it’s certainly time to check your Internet speed.

Here’s the manner by which to test your Internet speed when you speculate that your fiber, link, or DSL supplier isn’t furnishing you with the data transmission you’re paying for. This is the likewise strategy to take with your portable PC also, when you think your remote or hotspot Internet association is slower than it ought to be:

Close some other applications, windows, programs, and so on that may utilize your Internet association. In case you’re at home, where different gadgets may utilize a similar association, detach those or kill those before starting the test.

Take after whatever guidelines you’re given on screen to test your Internet speed.

Tip: various ISPs utilize Flash-based Internet speed tests despite the fact that most gadgets, and an ever increasing number of programs, don’t bolster Flash. Pick a non-ISP-facilitated test on the off chance that you need to yet realize that your ISP won’t not give as much credit to those outcomes. See HTML5 versus Flash Internet Speed Tests: Which is better? For additional on this.

Log the aftereffects of the speed test, preferably with a screen capture. Name the screen capture with the date and time you took the test so it’s anything but difficult to recognize later.

Test Gadget utilizing a similar Internet Speed Test.

Note: For the best outcomes, if your timetable licenses, test your Internet speed once toward the beginning of the day, once toward the evening, and once at night, through the span of a few days.

On the off chance that you find that your Internet speed is reliably slower than you’re paying for, it’s an ideal opportunity to take this information to your Internet Service Provider and request administration to enhance your association.

Data transmission that fluctuates a considerable measure at various times each day, some of the time meeting or surpassing what you’re paying for, may have more to do with transfer speed throttling or limit issues with your ISP than a real issue. In any case, it may be a great opportunity to arrange the cost of your rapid arrangement or get a rebate on an update.

Test Your Internet Speed for Fun

Is You Inquisitive about your Internet speed? Assuming this is the case, an Internet speed test website or cell phone application is an incredible decision. These apparatuses are anything but difficult to utilize and comprehend, and are incredible for boasting to your companions about that new super-quick association you simply agreed to accept.

Here’s the manner by which to test your Internet speed when you have no particular concern or objective, other than a touch of bragging… or then again perhaps sensitivity:

Pick a testing webpage from my List of Internet Speed Test Sites. Any one will do, even the ISP-facilitated ones in the event that you’d rather utilize one of those.

Take after whatever guidelines you’re given on screen to test your Internet speed. Most broadband testing administrations, as both Speed of Me and http://www.whatismyip.lol , test both your transfer and download transmission capacity with a solitary snap.

Once the test is finished, you’ll be given some sort of test outcome and some technique for sharing, for the most part through Facebook, Twitter, email, and so on.

You can in many cases spare these little outcomes pictures to your own PC which you can use to monitor your Internet speed after some time. Some testing destinations spare your past outcomes for you consequently on their servers, as well.

Testing your Internet speed and sharing the outcomes is particularly fun in the wake of updating. Be the envy of your loved ones wherever with your 1,245 Mbps download speed you’re getting on your new fiber association!

The most effective method to Test Your Internet Speed for a Specific Service

With such huge numbers of spilling administrations, and each on a wide assortment of gadgets, which are all being always refreshed, it’d be difficult to give you straightforward speed test how-to that spreads everything.

So, there is a ton we can discuss it, some of which is particular to the different well known gushing motion picture and video benefits out there.

An essential Internet speed test is a decent place to begin. Despite the fact that it’s not a genuine test between your associated TV and the Netflix or Hulu (or wherever) servers, any of the better Internet speed test locales should give you a fair thought of what’s in store.

Check the gadget you’re utilizing for a worked in association test. Most TVs and other devoted gushing gadgets incorporate inherent Internet speed tests. These tests, typically situated in the Network or Wireless menu regions, will be the most precise approach to make sense of how much data transfer capacity is accessible for their applications.

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